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Beautification of Our Community
Starts at Home….. (Diagram Below)

A little maintenance goes a long way, if everyone would find the time to maintain & care for your 
property. Here is a list of many of the things that need to be done through-out our community and 
maybe you just haven’t had time or thought about it. We all have very busy lives, but we all want 
to come home to a well kept community & home were we can all enjoy living.

1.  Lawn maintenance must be done weekly or bi-weekly, particularly during the rainy season.

Please mow, trim, & edge along sidewalks and curbs as needed.

  It makes a huge difference in the appearance of our community.

2.  Remove weeds from flower beds, trim overgrown bushes, fix, repair, or replace any

flower- bed edging that needs attention.

3.  Repair/Replace damaged gutters, downspouts, shutters, attic vents, & storm doors.  Be sure to 
check your roof for leaks.  Home maintenance is very important in Duplex Homes

because your roof or water damage/leak could affect your attached neighbor.

4.  Store trash in trash cans with lids to keep pests out. Make sure there are no places were pests 
can nest, such as under woodpiles, sheds, or other things you have stored in your backyard.

If you see any rats, please call AA County at 410-222-7500.

5.  Trash cans & Recycle bins should be stored out of view from the road, behind a fence or 
designated screened area, not in the front or side of your house.

6.  Do not store things in front of your fence or at the top of your driveway, they need to be 
stored in your backyard, shed, or basement.

7.  Vehicles should not be parked in the grass of your front, side, or rear lawn

and should not block the sidewalk when parked in the driveway.

Inoperable Vehicles & Vehicles w/ Expired tags will be reported to:

AA Co Zoning Enforcement

8.  Help us keep maintenance costs down by not throwing any trash, yard waste, leaves, or other 
debris in the common areas.

9.  Keep sidewalks clear at all times for students walking to & from Belvedere ES and others who 
are walking for enjoyment or exercise.

Make sure your home is ready at all times for stormy weather, in case your not home and a storm 
comes up, we don’t want lawn chairs and other such objects to become airborne as this could damage 
or injure your home, property, or a person, or a neighbors home or property.

We appreciate your cooperation & assistance in keeping your community  neat, clean, and maintained at all times.
Thank You